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SIS Group Acquires NexGen Fibers As It Expands Portfolio Of Concrete Products

Basalt and Fiber Supplier Joins Performance Precast, Carolina Concrete Structures, and Promontory Sleepers

DURHAM, N.C., March 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- SIS Group LLC, a Durham, North Carolina-based supplier of precast concrete products, today announced the acquisition of NexGen Fibers, LLC ("NGF"), a superior solution to steel rebar. The company, formerly known as SBC, also announced the new name and brand SIS Group to better address the growing portfolio of products.

"We are excited to extend the vertical integration of our operations and to further secure the supply chain of critical constituent materials used in our precast concrete," said James P. Johnson, CEO of SIS Group. "Our planned upgrade for in-house production will integrate bagged and bulk supply of Hydro-Bond™ and establish domestic production of Vulcan™ basalt reinforcement bars which gives us the ability to further strengthen our core business with dependable supply while providing the concrete market with essential cutting-edge materials." NexGen Fibers is lighter and stronger than convention steel rebar, and exhibits higher stiffness, strength, and chemical resistance compared to E-glass. NGF is the supplier of Hydro-Bond™ hydrophilic nylon fiber and Vulcan™ Bar basalt reinforcement components, both also based in Durham, North Carolina. The acquisition adds a warehouse and processing workspace to the Company's operations, therein expanding its materials business in North America. SBC Groups concurrently is strategically changing its corporate brand to SIS Group LLC, the acronym for Sustainable Infrastructure Solutions. The name change better reflects the innovations delivered for sustainable solutions for challenging infrastructure projects. Other products owned by SIS include:

  • Promontory™ Sleepers -- high performance railroad ties engineered from patented and proprietary Hi-Strain™ precast concrete. Promontory™ Precast Foundations are lighter than concrete, allow for offsite pour, and save costs.

  • Carolina Concrete Structures -- are developed from a patented and proprietary Hi-Strain™ precast concrete to deliver cutting-edge and sustainable performance in demanding applications,

  • Performance Precast -- the most innovative provider of precast concrete solutions in the Southeastern United States, combining decades of engineering, production, sales, experience, and ingenuity.

SIS precast concrete products are available for noise barrier walls, toll equipment buildings, modular hospital rooms, ballistic protection panels, modular bridges, and many other structural projects that require better solutions for a new era. The products are developed from a patented and proprietary Hi-Strain™ precast concrete to deliver cutting-edge and sustainable performance in demanding applications.


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